Post 16 Studies - Course Fees


Course Fees

The standard fee is payable each term in advance, when any other charges or disbursements incurred during the previous term are also
due and payable. The School reserves the right to alter the amount of any or all of its fees and charges. Every effort is made to give a
term's notice of fee or charge increases, but the School reserves the right to increase the fees or charges without such notice.

Sixth Form Fees: £3,240 per term.

High Achievers Assisted Place awards for outstanding performance in their A Level subjects at GCSE.
We invite you to contact the school for futher details.

The school's insurance brokers offers a fully comprehensive schools fees planning service and an insurance scheme called Schools Fees
Remission whereby many parents may recover a proportion of the fees when their child is unavoidably absent from school because of
illness, accident or contact with infection. The same brokers also offer a Pupils' Personal Accident Scheme. Full particulars of these
schemes are available on request.