Kindergarten, Pre-Prep, Preparatory and Senior School for Boys and Girls


School Dues

The standard fee is payable each term in advance, on or before the first day of term, when any other charges
or disbursements incurred during the previous term are also due and payable. The School reserves the right
to alter the amount of any or all of its fees and charges. Every effort is made to give a term’s notice of fee or
charge increases, but the School reserves the right to increase the fees or charges without such notice.


Full Time (8.45am - 3.15pm)
Daily Fee

Pre-Preparatory (5-6+ years)
Full Time (8.45am - 3.15pm)

Preparatory School Fees
7-11 years

Senior School Fees
12-18 years

£1,890 per term (inc. lunches)
£38 per day

per term (inc. lunches)

£2,937 per term

£3,499 per term



Lunches £180 per term

Lunches £180 per term

    Early Morning & After School Facilities
Early morning and after school care is available for all pupils at no addition cost from 8.00am to 6.00pm.
Breakfast is available for all pupils at £2.00 per day. Pupils can remain on after school and take tea if required,

There is a reduction of 10% of fees for the second child in respect of who fees are being paid in the
preparatory or main school and 15% for the third or subsequent child. There is a reduction of up to 25% for
the sons or daughters of serving members of the armed services.

Academic Scholarships
Subject to candidates of academic promise and potential presenting themselves, the headmaster awards
three scholarships a year on the results of the examinations at the ages of 11 Plus, 12 Plus and 13 Plus.
All candidates for these places will automatically be considered for a scholarship.

Music Scholarships
Pupils with particular promise in music may be considered for a music scholarship examination. This takes
place in conjunction with the open voice trials for choral scholarships in the chapel and concert choir held

The school’s insurance brokers offer a fully comprehensive school fees planning service and an insurance
scheme called Schools Fees Remission whereby many parents may recover a proportion of the fees when
their children are unavoidably absent from school because of illness, accident or contact with infection. The
same brokers also offer a Pupil’s Personal Accident Scheme. Full particulars of these schemes are available
on request.