Christmas Shoeboxes for Moldova    

Bramdean pupils, parents and staff have been busy collecting and sorting Christmas presents for the Moldova
Christmas ‘Shoe Box’ Campaign
, with gifts ranging from toys and games, books and art materials to new clothes
and toiletries.

The aim of this festive endeavour, organised by the Exeter based charity cr2ee (Christian Response to Eastern
Europe), is to give a little Christmas cheer to the children, parents and grandparents living in Moldova who might
otherwise find the period a little less festive. To the poor of Moldova, Christmas Shoeboxes are also strong symbols
of love and hope, and evidence that people in other parts of the world do care.

Some of the children at Bramdean School reflected on the experience of thinking about other children less fortunate
than themselves:

"I put toothpaste and a toothbrush in my box as well as toys and sweets, I didn't realize some people don't have these

Year 6 pupil

"I hope the children like the lego and the sweets I sent them."
Year 4 pupil

"We made a box for a mummy, they work hard and need nice things."
Year 3 pupil


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