Investing In The Future    

Bramdean has recently invested in the latest Apple computers, offering exciting prospects for pupils across the
school. The ICT suite has been equipped with 20 new Apple computers which are capable of running Microsoft
Windows as well as Apple software. This offers pupils the unique opportunity to become proficient in both
Microsoft and Apple software, equipping them for further education or employment.

Pupils throughout the school have so far used the new computers to develop new skills in video making, design
and programming. In addition, modern language teachers have used the computers to support learning in French,
German and Spanish. The school has also invested in a complete multimedia suite of educational software for
use in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for ages 11 to 16 which makes full use of the Apple computers’ capabilities.

In future, the new computers will be used to support pupils taking GCSE music through the addition of the latest
music composition software. In ICT lessons, pupils will learn how to use computers for computer aided design, 3D
programming and robotics giving them skills that are in demand in the modern economy. It is hoped that more
pupils will choose to study Computer Science at both GCSE and Advanced level preparing the way for careers in
the new digital economy. In addition, pupils studying for all subjects at Advanced level will find the new technology
an invaluable asset for research and will help them develop independent learning skills, so important for their
progression to university.

This latest investment makes Bramdean a leader in the use of technology for education and creates unique
opportunities for pupils of all ages whatever their interests.


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