Luca Vitale    

On Monday 21st March, our Music A2 student, Luca Vitale, delivered a stunning recital on his 'cello, for his
examination performance. He displayed outstanding musicianship and a deep feeling for both the instrument and
the music. He played three contrasting pieces, starting with Bach from one of the famous unaccompanied suites.
His performance of these movements moved his audience to tears, as it displayed such intensity and understanding
of the subtle nuances which the style demands. He then played 'Ave Maria' by Gounod, which really gave Luca the
opportunity to make his 'cello sing in it's upper register. Finally Luca performed the spirited 'Tarantella' by Squire,
which required him to display agility and energy.

Luca should be congratulated on the impressive level of both the technical command of his instrument and the depth
of his musicality and we wish him every success in his summer examination.


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