The Sixth Form

At Bramdean we specialize in teaching each student as an individual, worthy of the attention which that
implies. Consequently, students are encouraged to follow a course of study suited to their particular strengths,
to ensure that their time with us is both productive and enjoyable. Parents can be assured that with an enviable
combination of small class sizes, and the excellent one-to-one tuition time available, each student’s progress
will be guided and monitored at every step.

With a good reputation for providing a supportive and structured atmosphere, we believe that our students
benefit from an environment that, whilst maintaining academic discipline and excellence, provides a relaxed
and family orientated atmosphere. At Bramdean, students not only grow to meet the academic challenges
posed but actually learn to enjoy them, becoming more self-confident, self-reliant and better prepared to meet
the challenges of life. No student would be expected to study for Advanced Level academic qualifications at the
expense of their social and moral development. It is our intention to enable all students to fulfil their potential in
the broadest possible sense and to work in partnership with parents to ensure that this is the case.

It is our wish to expand our Sixth Form while retaining the personal and individual approach that students have
enjoyed throughout their time at Bramdean. There are a wide range of A-Level courses on offer which can be
tailored to meet the students’ individual needs giving them the choices and opportunities necessary for future
success. The progress of each student is assessed individually at regular intervals throughout years 12 & 13
and targets are set to ensure that students reach their full potential. Sixth Form academic scholarships may be
available for eligible new students.

The School is registered as a recognised centre for all UK examination boards. As would be expected, our
outstanding staff are graduates and experienced in the subjects they teach; the sciences are particulary well
covered. In addition, many of our staff have worked as external examiners across the different exam boards,
which has proved invaluable to our students.

Continuity of education from preparatory to sixth form.